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About us & Contact us
Takanori TomitaKonnichiwa.
My name is Takanori, a professionla Japanese symbol translator. Check out my profile
Have you got any questions about our service?
Then, Contact us!

Testimonials and Kanji Tattoo Design Photo

Japanese kanji on the bike"I found Takanori Tomita's web-site when I was searching the Internet trying to find an English to Japanese Kanji symbol translation service. I was very happy with the level of service and quality of the JPEG symbols I received delivered as promised. I highly recommend Mr. Tomita's translation service."
Thanks again, Takanori.

Dave Heideman
St. Petersburg, FL

Japanese kanji logoI really appreciate your taking the time to contact me regarding your work.
At the moment I'm not getting a tattoo but plan on using your translation to help promote my freelance illustration & graphic design business.
Thanks you very much again.


Family Japanese kanji symbolsHey Takanori, here is my tattoo.
I told several people at the parlor about your service. To put something on your body for the rest of your life without knowing that it means "Trash Can Lid" or "Dog Taco Pants" is stupid. Why not an ARTIST a few bucks for beautiful calligraphy and total accuracy.
Thanks again

John Boyle

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Wnat to know how to pronounce your Japanese kanji, hiragana and katakana symbols?

We will send you the meaning and a sound file of Japanese pronunciation.


Are you looking for 100% Accurate Japanese Symbol Translationlike the one I am holding?Japanese Samurai Kanji SymbolSo, use our Japanese Symbol Translation To avoid using WRONG Japanese symbols

Please click the radio button below to make sure that I am a real 100% Japanese speaker or not.

Dear Friend,

My name is Takanori Tomita.

If you want to know Japanese pronunciation of a particular Japanese symbol, I can tell you how to pronounce the Japanese symbol including Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

Because I am a native Japanese speaker, you can get 100% accurate Japanese pronunciation.

First of all, please make sure that I am a real Japanese native speaker or not, because there are some fake Japanese people who are doing the same translation service on the Internet, and I want to avoid you getting WRONG Japanese pronunciation, or Japanese symbol translation.

Our purpose is to help you to get 100% accurate Japanese symbols and pronunciation.



What is 100% accurate Japanese pronunciation service?


JapanesePronunciation How to Pronunce Japanese words Kanji Symbols

Takanori Tomita, native speaker of Japanese and fluent speaker and writer of English, see your Japanese words and tell you how to pronounce them in Japanese accurately. No matter whether they are Japanese kanji, Hiragana or Katakana symbols, Takanori Tomita can tell you the perfect Japanese Pronunciation.  


Benefits of Japanese Pronunciation
  • Saving your time and effort to learn how to speak Japanese.
  • Takanori Tomita can tell you how a native Japanese speaker really pronounce your Japanese words.

  • You have Japanese symbols, but don't know whether they are Japanese or not. That is no problem, we can tell you 100% Accurate Japanese pronunciation no matter whether they are Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana symbols.
Japanese Pronunciation file. Please check to see if you can listen to it


Kanji TranslationThis is the actual file we will send to you.
Please check to see if you can listen to it or not.

It tells you how to pronounce Kanji in Japanese.
Click here to test the Japanese pronunciation.

If you could listen to it, please go ahead.


What to you have to do.
  1. Please fill in the following order form below.
    If you have a Japanese Symbols' picture, or URL where we can see you Japanese symbols, please send us to sales@dsfy.com first.
  2. If they are Japanese symbols, we will send you the email, and let you know the order form where you can place an order.
  3. You will receive how to pronounce your Japanese symbols and meaning.



PS: Also, if you want to get Japanese Symbols Translation, all of our professional Japanese translator who is specializing in a single Japanese character translation can help you to get 100% Accurate Japanese Translation.

The most popular Japanese Symbols Translation is Kanji Symbols Translations.



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