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Takanori TomitaKonnichiwa.
My name is Takanori, a professionla Japanese symbol translator. Check out my profile
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Testimonials and Kanji Tattoo Design Photo

Japanese kanji on the bike"I found Takanori Tomita's web-site when I was searching the Internet trying to find an English to Japanese Kanji symbol translation service. I was very happy with the level of service and quality of the JPEG symbols I received delivered as promised. I highly recommend Mr. Tomita's translation service."
Thanks again, Takanori.

Dave Heideman
St. Petersburg, FL

Japanese kanji logoI really appreciate your taking the time to contact me regarding your work.
At the moment I'm not getting a tattoo but plan on using your translation to help promote my freelance illustration & graphic design business.
Thanks you very much again.


Family Japanese kanji symbolsHey Takanori, here is my tattoo.
I told several people at the parlor about your service. To put something on your body for the rest of your life without knowing that it means "Trash Can Lid" or "Dog Taco Pants" is stupid. Why not an ARTIST a few bucks for beautiful calligraphy and total accuracy.
Thanks again

John Boyle

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Japanese Translation specializing in Japanese writing - KANJI, HIRAGANA and KATAKANA.
Get your word or name to be translated into Japanese Symbols.


Which Japanese Script are you looking for?

Kanji Translation - Japanese Script 1

Kanji TranslationKanji are the most popular script in Japanese.
Kanji are ideographs so, the whole character conveys a meaning or idea.

Is this Japanese script that you are looking for?

Hiragana Translation - Japanese Script 2

Hiragana TranslationHiragana symbols are rounded in shape. They are used to write the grammatical parts of words and sentences.

Is this Japanese script that you are looking for?

Katakana Translation - Japanese Script 3

Katakana TranslationKatakana symbols are more angular, and are used for writing non-japanese words such as Loan words from western culture, and Foreign Names.

Is this Japanese script that you are looking for?

Combination of all 3 scripts Translation

Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana TranslationIf you would like to have the combination of all 3 scripts listed above, try our Japanese translation with 3 scrips - Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

Get your word to be translated into 3 Scripts

Or, are you looking for your name in Japanese?

Japanese Name Translation

Japanese Name TranslationIf you need your English Name to be translated into Japanese Name. We can help you to create images with 3 different scripts - Katakana Hiragana and Kanji

Get your Name to be translated into 3 Scripts

Popular Kanji Symbols and Zodiac Signs

Pre-writting Japanese KANJI Symbols

Check up the colletion of Popluar Kanji Characters with Japanese Calligraphy Fonts.
If you are not sure what sort of Japanese symbols you want for your tattoo design, have a look at this.

Japanese Zodiac Sign with Kanji symbols

All the Japanese Zodiac Sign are represented by using only 2 KANJI Character.
The first character is animal assigned to the year and the second character is the orginal chinese character.

Recommended Japanese Symbols BOOKs

Kanji Symbols - Kanji Dictionary

Kanji Dictionary

30 Japanese KANJI Symbols with 4 different Japanese Calligraphy and Stencil Fonts.
All the characters are based on the the way of SAMURAI concepts.

You can choose the book format as well.
It's either an Ebook or Printed book format

Japanese Phrase Collection - Ebook

Japanese Phrase Ebook

Japanese Phrase Collection - we have the Japanese Historical phrase called, "Yoji Jyuku Go" which contains only 4 kanji symbols.

Additionally, this ebook contains other Japanese saying, proverbs and phrase which are created with the combination of Hiragana and Kanji Scripts.

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